Dragonfly International Music Festival

Part of the Dragonfly International Music Festival and its’ competition in China with many great colleagues!

Sommerakademie Neuburg 2018

Great concerts and masterclasses at the Sommerakademie Neuburg that is celebrating its’ 40th anniversary

WOM Festival in Spain

Happy to be back in Spain for masterclasses and concerts at the WOM Festival

Salzburg Symphonies by Mozart with the Zhejiang Conservatory Chamber Orchestra

“Salzburger Sinfonien” by W. A. Mozart and works for chamber orchestra by Vaja Azarashvili in June with the Zhejiang Conservatory Chamber Orchestra in Hangzhou


Impromptus@Kempinski Concert Series

Schumann piano quintet and other chamber music works together with colleagues and friends such as Paul Silverthorne, Misha Namirovsky, and Huiming Wen at the Impromptus@Kempinski concert series in its’  third year

Bernhard Greenhouse Cello Festival Korea

Great pleasure to be part of the Bernhard Greenhouse Cello Festival and on the panel of its’ competition in Seoul!


Piano trios by J. Brahms and An-lun Huang

Piano trios by J. Brahms and An-lun Huang in Xiamen

Masterclass for cello in Xiamen

Masterclass for cello in Xiamen – what a pleasure to hear all those highly talented musicians!

Inaugural concert as visiting professor at the Zhejiang Music Conservatory March 2018

First concert at the Zhejiang Conservatory in my position as visiting professor in 2018 – great colleagues and students!



Visiting Professor at the Zhejiang Conservatory in Hangzhou

I am very happy to announce my position as visiting Professor at the Zhejiang Conservatory with its’ incredible facilities. I look forward to collaborating!





Music and Magic in Germany

Two concerts with master magician Tam Vo from California and pianist Irma Issakadze in Neuburg and Ingolstadt in January


Zhejiang International Music Festival

Happy to be again at the Zhejiang Music Conservatory in Hangzhou, China, as a judge in the music competition and a masterclass and concert on October 24 and 25


Tchaikovsky and Bruch in Xiamen

Bruch’s Kol Nidrei and Tchaikovsky together with the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra and Maestro Renchang Fu on October 14th

Masterclass at the Zheijang Conservatory in Hangzhou

Masterclass at the Zheijang Music Conservatory on September 17

Opening Concert Sommerakademie Neuburg

Looking forward to the opening concert at the Sommerakademie Neuburg “Von fremden Ländern und Menschen” – music from composers from Cuba, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Spain, etc. with colleagues from across the globe!

Opening Concert Sommerakademie Neuburg

Duo recital with Vardan Mamikonian

IMG_1179Works by Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Rasputin together with pianist Vardan Mamikonian in a fund raising concert for the Sommerakademie 2017 (www.sommerakademie-neuburg.com)  at the “Schlösschen Hesselohe” in Neuburg an der Donau, Germany, on January 21, 2017

Concert at the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing


Piano trios of Chinese-Canadian composer An-lun Huang at the China Conservatory in Beijing together with violinist Bin Huang and pianist Yubo Zhou on January 9, 2017.

Piano trios of An-lun Huang at the Yale Center in Beijing

IMG_1179Concert with the piano trios of Chinese-Canadian composer An-lun Huang, including the world premier performance of his piano trio Op. 83, composed in 2014. Together with violinist Bin Huang and pianist Yubo Zhou on January 8, 2017, at the Yale Center Beijing: http://centerbeijing.yale.edu/event/2017/01/yale-2017-new-year-concert-lun-huang-piano-trios

Masterclass for cello at the Xinghai Music Conservatory



Looking forward to the masterclass for the cello students of the Xinghai Music Conservatory in Guangzhou, Xinghai, on December 19, 2017


Piano trios by Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, in Guangzhou, China


Concert with piano trios by Haydn, Beethoven, and Brahms on December 19 in Guangzhou, China, together with Bin Huang, violin, and Misha Namirovsky, piano

Haydn, Beethoven, and Brahms in Harbin, China


The “Gypsy”trio by Haydn as well as Beethoven’s “Gassenhauer” op. 11 and the 1st piano trio by Brahms on December 15 together with Misha Namirovsky, piano, and Huiming Wen, violin, up in the very North of China in Harbin at -20 degree Celisus…

Antonio Vivaldi, cello concerto C minor, RV 401 – Tchaikovsky, Nocturne, op. 19, No 4 for cello and orchestra


Combining Baroque with Romantic – Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky…the cello concerto in C minor, RV 401 and the Nocturne op. 19, No 4 in the version for cello and symphony orchestra on November 18, 7:30 pm, together with the SUSM Symphony Orchestra and conductor Hekun Wu at the SUSM concert hall in Suzhou, China.

Music and Magic in Rumoi


September 4 – Another M&M project to look forward to …Music and Magic in Rumoi, Japan